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Largest longboard selection in the Tampa Bay area.  Best Prices! Try before you buy! 
Stop By Our Manufacturing Facility
4790 Freemont Terrace South
Saint Petersburg, FL 33711

Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm
and Saturday 8am to Noon
We have everything you need! 

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Mobile Retail Skate Shop
Mobile Retail Skate Shop

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Hand Made Longboards
Hand Made Longboards

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Loaded Longboards
Loaded Longboards

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Mobile Retail Skate Shop
Mobile Retail Skate Shop

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The only way to shop

Be different

Dancer Decks
Fully Stocked Mobile Skate Shop
Huge Selection
Gullwing Sidewinders
51mm to 107mm
Welcome Decks
Longboard and Skateboard Trucks
Best Selection Around

What you need

What You Need

What You Want

What You Want

Est. 2013

In 2013, Local Longboard Company was officially born.  After a few years of making longboards and skateboards in our woodshop, the local demand increased.  In early 2014, we opened a full-service retail location on the 600 block of downtown St. Pete carrying hundreds of brands along with building ours. After nearly 4 years of success and local skate community support, owner and board designer Jon Stine decided it was time for something new. Something fresh.


Instead of waiting for customers to come to us, we decided to hit the streets.  In late 2017, Jon partnered with Aron Retkes and deigned and built Tampa Bay's only mobile longboard and skateboard supply shop "Sheila". In fact, it's only one of a few operating in the country. We offer all of the same service and merchandise, just in a unique shopping experience.


Our mission is to help you build a board that is right for you.  With a number of demo longboards to try out, the guessing game of what fits your skating style is eliminated.  

We are constantly growing and rethinking the way we interact with our customers. stay tuned for what Jon and Aron think of next.  

About Us

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TEL: 1-727-295-7440

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Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday - 10am to 6pm
Saturday - 8am to noon
Sunday - Closed 


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